The Development of Hillebrand Consulting Engineers GmbH

 (former H&P)

Since 1st January 2002 large projects such as

  • MMS: strategy and implementation for global interoperability, interworking and roaming
  • 3G national and international roaming

Since mid 2003 stronger orientation to strategic themes such as

  • Future of GSM
  • Beyond 3G (UMTS), a strategy for operators
  • Spectrum strategy
  • Terminal strategy for operators
  • IPR strategy for a network operator
  • Significance of WLAN and WiMAX for mobile operators

Since the end 2004 involvement in IPR work in the context of licence negotiations, patent acquisitions and litigation
This has become our major focus since then.

  • Technical work on individual patents: essentiality, infringement and validity (search for prior art)
  • Analysis of patent portfolios: technical value, identification of strong and weak patents
  • Work on ETSI IPR Policy: Interpretation, FRAND obligations
  • We provide working papers, expert reports, expert and fact witnesses

Jan 1, 2011
to complement the strong work focus since several years: transformation of Hillebrand & Partner into Hillebrand Consulting Engineers GmbH

Jan 1, 2021
Change in ownership and leadership from Friedhelm "Fred" Hillebrand to Dr. Rüdiger Köster