List of Consulting Engineers

System development, strategy, standardisation, project organisation, architecture and protocols

Bishop, Craig

Craig has provided technical contribution and analysis for IPR litigation and has acted as a fact witness in a major international case.

His core competencies are International Standardisation, 3GPP System Requirements, System Architecture, IMS, 3GPP Radio Access and Non Access Stratum protocols, and Intellectual Property Analysis. Craig has worked in 3GPP and ETSI both as a delegate and as a rapporteur. He also has experience of Project and System Engineering management for mobile platform development.

Before joining Hillebrand GmbH, Craig worked for 16 years with a top tier mobile handset vendor in a number of roles, most recently as Director for Standards and Industry Affairs in Europe. Craig has 14 granted patents and is a former member of the ETSI Board.

3GPP system requirements, system architecture, IMS, 3GPP radio access and non access stratum protocols

Calic, Dr. Janko

Janko worked as a consultant on a number of IPR projects related to video coding and processing as well as user interaction. He also advises on IPR strategy on user aspects of multimedia communication.

His core competencies are video coding, quality assurance in broadcasting and user interaction and standardisation.

Dr Calic is Visiting Lecturer a the University of Surrey, and was a Deputy Director of the Digital World Research Centre at Guilford, UK. He has authored a number of patents in the area of multimedia communications and video content management.


Video coding and processing, multimedia communications, video content management

Cooper, Dr. David

David developed technical contributions to several IPR litigations.

His core competencies are system development, standardisation, the handset, the radio interface and intellectual property.

Before joining Hillebrand GmbH, David participated in ETSI and 3GPP standardisation for GSM and UMTS, serving as vice-chair of a 3GPP committee. He has worked for major mobile phone manufacturers with responsibility for standards, intellectual property and receiver development.

Mobile radio system development, radio interfaces, standardisation and intellectual property

Hauser, Hans

Hans' core competencies are 3GPP system architecture and core network protocols. He has been actively participating in ETSI SMG and 3GPP for many years. Before joining Hillebrand Consulting Engineers, Hans has worked for 24 years with a major European mobile network operator in several countries and in various functions, with emphasis on international business and standardization. Prior to that, Hans was a test engineer for a major European switch manufacturer.

3GPP system architecture, core network protocols

Healey, Nick

Nick has been designing the functionality and user interface of mobile products since the early days of PDAs and pocket computers, in the late 1980s, at Poqet Computer in the US and Psion in the UK. In the late 1990s he led the app/UI design of the mobile software platform which became Symbian, a worldwide standard across mobile phones for the next 10 years.

For his own company, Slash Design Ltd, he has since written, been granted and sold UK/US patents on two of his own designs.

Since 2010 he has performed prior art searches on several projects for various lawfirms, in mobile UI/Design areas including Messaging app UI, Status Info UI, HTML app UI, action interruption, clickable data, & foreign character input.

Mobile phone user interfaces and user-facing functionality

Hillebrand, Friedhelm

Fred is the founder and Managing Director of Hillebrand GmbH. He led the MMS project and contributed strategic input into several other projects. Fred acted as testifying expert on the ETSI IPR Policy in a court in US and contributed expert reports in this area to other cases.

His core competencies are business and technology strategy, service and system development and international cooperation between operators and manufacturers.

Before joining Hillebrand GmbH Fred led the GSM and UMTS standardisation work in ETSI for more than four years. Before this, he was a Senior Managing Director of a major mobile operator responsible for its GSM network and related IT systems. He has contributed to GSM work since 1984 and was involved in the development of principles for the IPR policy in the GSM standardisation.

Fred is editor and co-author of two books on Mobile Communication published by Wiley-Blackwell:

GSM and UMTS - The Creation of Global Mobile Communication 

Short Message Service (SMS) - The Creation of Personal Global Text Messaging

Business and technology strategy, service and system development and international cooperation between operators and manufacturers, author/editor of books on Mobile Communications

Hochscherff, Andreas

Andreas’ core competence is in telecommunication network strategy and architecture with a focus on radio access technology.

Prior to joining Hillebrand CE GmbH, Andreas had been working for six years for a major European network operator as a senior expert for architecture and design of mobile networks and fixed-mobile convergence. Before this, he was responsible for radio access network strategy, design and technology (3GPP and non-3GPP) at the same operator for another 16 years.

Radio access technology, telecommunication network strategy and architecture

Nottelmann, Jan

Jan elaborated a terminal and an IPR strategy for a major mobile operator and contributed to the MMS standardisation work. He also worked as a technical expert in a number of patent litigation cases for major clients. Jan is appointed as testifying expert in two court cases in UK. Forensic engineering is another of Jan's areas of expertise.

His core competencies are in business and technical strategy as well as core technology and design for mobile devices. Jan has more than 15 years experience in managing large product research & development teams in international and multicultural environments.

Before joining Hillebrand GmbH, Jan was a Technical Director with a leading terminal manufacturer where he was responsible for core technology and platforms.

Business and technical strategy as well as core technology and design for mobile terminals

Park, Ian D. C.

Ian worked on technical assessment of patents for a major equipment manufacturer and was asked to serve as a testifying expert.

His core competencies are in network design, protocols for mobile systems and related standardisation.

Before joining Hillebrand GmbH, Ian worked for a major network operator and was active in core network standardisation in GSM and 3GPP for many years. He served as chairman of both GSM and 3GPP Working Groups, and vice-chairman of a 3GPP Technical Specification Group.

Network design, protocols for mobile systems and related standardisation

Peace, Graham

Graham is a chartered engineer (CEng MIET), senior member of the IEEE and holds an MSc degree in Telecommunications from University College London. He has in excess of 32 years continuous professional SW, systems and HW experience.

His skill set includes IPR related expert knowledge, product implementation from the standards (3GPP 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE-A, M2M, IoT), real-time embedded SW development for mobile communications and IP based systems, covering mobile phone handsets, base stations, eNodeB, networks, reference platforms, IOT test systems, IPv6, and M2M ("Internet of Things") solutions.

Graham has invented and holds granted patents, relating to fixed and mobile telecommunications.

Radio access technology (2G, 3G, 4G), M2M, IoT

Purat, Prof. Dr. Marcus

Marcus contributed strategic input to several IPR related projects. He acted a testifying expert in court hearings in UK in several cases.

His core competencies are radio layer 1 concepts in mobile and broadcast communication systems, multimedia processing and related standardisation as well as R&D management in an international multicultural environment.

Before joining Hillebrand GmbH, Marcus worked for a leading mobile infrastructure manufacturer and led the UMTS radio layer 1 aspect standardisation for many years. He is now professor at the Beuth Hochschule Berlin with focus on digital signal processing for mobile multimedia communication systems.

Radio layer 1 concepts in mobile and broadcast communication systems, multimedia processing and related standardization

Rosenbrock, Karl Heinz

Karl Heinz contributed to several projects with IPR implications on matters related to the ETSI IPR Policy.

His core competencies are business and technical strategy, standardisation in telecommunications, (ETSI) IPR policy, and international co-operation between operators and manufacturers as well as between standards developing organizations.

Prior to joining Hillebrand GmbH, Karl Heinz was ETSI Director General from 11/1990 until 06/2006. Before this, he worked at the Federal Ministry for Post and Telecommunications in Bonn, responsible for standardisation (in 1990) and as project leader for the digitalisation of the entire telephone network as well as for the introduction of ISDN in the German telecommunications network (from 1980 to 1988).

Business and technical strategy, standardization in telecommunications, (ETSI) IPR policy, and international co-operation

Sharp, Iain

Iain has dealt with intellectual property issues and technical aspects of contract disputes in the fixed and mobile communications sectors. His area of specialization is in systems and signalling including mobility, security, voice calling, data session management, billing and IMS.

As well as his activities in support of legal aspects Iain is also able to provide training in emerging mobile systems technologies.

Iain previously served as Vice-Chairman of 3GPP CT Plenary. He has been active in mobile and data networking standardization for over 20 years. 

Systems and signalling including mobility, security, voice calling, data session management, billing, IMS

Sommer, Prof. Dr. Volker

Volker led several IPR projects in GSM and UMTS for international customers, elaborated expert reports and prepared other patent-related analyses.

His core competencies are Radio Access Networks (RAN) as well as technical strategy and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) especially in the field of GSM and UMTS.

In 2004 Volker has been appointed as professor for computational engineering at "Beuth-Hochschule", a university of applied sciences in Berlin. Before this, Volker worked as project director in software development, radio standardization and IPR-management for a leading network manufacturer.

Radio Access Networks (RAN) technology and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) especially in the field of GSM and UMTS.

Vary, Prof. Dr. Peter

Peter led several IPR related projects in the area of speech and channel coding.

His core competencies are digital speech processing and coding for cellular radio, joint source-channel coding, error concealment and modulation.

Peter is Professor at the Technical University Aachen and Director of the “Institut für Nachrichtengeräte und Datenverarbeitung” (Institute for Communication Systems). His research activities include signal processing in the mobile terminal (speech coding, noise suppression, echo cancellation, artificial wideband extension, joint source-channel coding, error concealment) and radio resource management in cellular networks. He contributed to the standardization of GSM/ITU/3GPP speech codecs.

Digital speech processing and coding for cellular radio, joint source-channel coding, error concealment and modulation