Overview of selected projects

IPR portfolio analysis

Analysis and evaluation of large patent portfolios for acquisition resp. license negotiations. Including many cases of final patent revocation/nullification.

Provide technical expertise and witnesses in the UK litigation between Nokia and Qualcomm (Hillebrand CE GmbH worked for Nokia.)

Qualcomm sought an injunction based on two CDMA patents they had declared to be essential for GSM. The court revoked the patents.

Provide expertise on the ETSI IPR Policy to several manufacturers

These litigations were ended by an agreement between the parties.

Provide technical expertise and witnesses in two UK litigations between Nokia and InterDigital. (Hillebrand CE GmbH worked for Nokia.)

A UMTS portfolio of IDC claimed 29 patents to be essential. Only one patents was partly declared to be essential by the court, the remaining patents were either withdrawn or revoked by the court.

Spectrum allocation impacts of carrier aggregation and MIMO standardization

In-depth analysis of the 3GPP status quo and work program on carrier aggregation and MIMO. Thorough technical evaluation.

IPR strategy working for a mobile network operator

To review documents, interview the management in technical, patent and procurement departments, and to elaborate options for strategic IPR targets by proposing strategic targets and measures needed to support them.