IPR related services

Hillebrand CE GmbH supports clients in patent litigations/arbitrations, patent licence negotiations or patent acquisitions by technical analysis of patents and the application of the ETSI IPR Policy

Technical Analysis of Patents

Hillebrand CE GmbH assesses the strengths and weaknesses of patent portfolios or individual patents (validity including search for prior art, essentiality and protective scope of individual patents).

Hillebrand CE GmbH provides fact and expert witnesses with a high reputation to courts all over the world.

Technical Analysis of Patents

Technical Analysis of
Patent Portfolios

"How to get the best technical expertise for IPR matters in patent acquisitions, license negotiations and litigations"

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Interpretation and Application of the ETSI IPR Policy

We review which obligations under the ETSI IPR Policy do exist in real cases.

We analyse whether the requested licensing conditions meet the FRAND obligations of a patent owner.

We provide fact and expert witnesses with a high reputation to courts all over the world.



IPR Program Management

In order to provide the most efficient services for our clients the IPR support services of Hillebrand CE GmbH are handled by our experienced IPR program managers.

Based on the client's request our program manager will assist in clarifying the scope, the timing and the profiles of experts required for the project. The program manager will then propose the most suitable experts to the client, seek an agreement on the work package, experts, schedule and budget, and finally allocate the experts for the project. If required the program manager will provide regular reviews of the status and progress of the work.

The advantages for our clients are:

  • one single point of contact for all IPR support enquiries,
  • immediate access to more than 40 technical experts, collectively with over 600 years of industry and doctoral level academic experience covering all areas of mobile and wireless technology,
  • progress and budget monitoring and resolving non-technical issues with client,
  • follow-up support organization if required.